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is an outstaff company founded by Kirill Lappo and Mikhail Kedzel.

Kirill Lappo

Picture of the founders

Mikhail Kedzel


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Our mission is to make creating breathtaking React websites available to everyone and share our expertise with as many developers as possible. So we are open to negotiations regarding the budget and are ready to meet the toughest deadlines.

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Our development motto is “never stop learning”. We make sure our developers are hungry for knowledge by purchasing various courses for them, sponsoring trips to offline conferences, and having internal knowledge-sharing sessions.

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Our developers are never shy to reach out to their colleagues and try to always be available when colleagues reach out to them. Communication helps us to avoid blockers and potential misunderstandings, potentially saving tens of hours.

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With our consistency, we always follow rigorous standards, no matter the project size, budget, or deadlines. Probably needs more text. Probably needs more text. Probably needs more text.

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We believe that transparency is the best policy. Being fully transparent with the client allows us to deliver work quickly yet precisely, while keeping the client in complete control 100% of the time.